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What if every model used in product photos was you? Using your own body measurements, we give you your own VirtualYou® which you can dress however you like. Give your customers the ease of mind of sizing, and massively reduce your wrong size return rate


Real clothes, real photos - 360 degrees

Nothing beats reality. There’s no chance of a 3D render error, or an uncanny valley feeling. It feels like you’re dressing a real mannequin of yourself, because you are. See clothes or whole outfits in 360 degrees


Unique styles

Fashion is about expression. No more having to use the retailer’s style for reference. Let your customers mix and match clothes, colours and textures until they find their perfect look

The benefits of Virtualyou

Reduce returns

Tighten your return policy and reduce the likelihood of wrong size returns

Increase sales

Customers are more likely to checkout entire outfits than just individual items

Improve retention

Customers will want to return to use the improved shopping experience

Reduce bounce rate

Customers will be more likely to stay and use the new shopping experience

Increase scope

Be more inclusive, allowing more people to feel represented

Our goal has been, and will always be, to provide an online clothes shopping experience which parallels or surpasses it’s physical counterpart. This means taking the freedom of the changing room and merging that with the ease and accessibility of ecommerce.

Atticus Pirrie


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